Pushing Continuous Integration to the limits

Common methods and tools create basic pipelines to build your software, run some tests, and deploy the application. If you are happy with this you have selected the right tool. Congratulations!

But what should you do when you want to do more than what these basic pipelines offer?

In the following pages various topics are presented, how you can equip your pipelines with more functionality, really boosting efficiency.

Semi-automatic Tasks

Combine automation with human interaction

Ideally, all your pipelines run fully automatic. However, there are situations in which it is too difficult or too costly to automate a certain task.

Very often it is often still possible to automate most of the task, so you can save time compared to doing everything manually.

Sharing and Collaboration

Embrace sharing and collaboration

Sharing processes, scripts, equipment, tools, licenses, test rooms, etc. in a single project or among different projects leads to efficient usage of scarce and expensive resources.

You can even extent these possibilities and pass company boundaries, when implementing distributed software engineering (DSE), by setting up a "SkyFab".

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