APE - Automated Page Exerciser

Smarter-than-monkey testing for web apps

Testing without test scripts

The only thing APE needs to know about a web app or site is its URL. From that starting point, it automatically finds links to other pages and subjects all of them to a series of checks. So it takes very little effort to check your web app or site with APE.

Of course, since APE knows next to nothing about your specific web app, there are limits to what it can check. For example, it can submit a form and check whether the server returns an error or an OK result and whether the resulting page is valid HTML, but it cannot check whether the content matches the submitted form values. Therefore, APE is not a replacement for scripted test tools like Selenium.

You may be surprised by how many problems can be uncovered just following random links and checking the result. APE is open source so you can just install it and give it a try!

Can APE test my web app/site?

APE can be used if:

APE cannot be used if:

So roughly, APE will work if your app supports deep-linking and JavaScript is used for optional enhancements, while APE will not work if you have built a single-page application.

More information

The README contains installation and usage instructions. You can read it on APE's page in Python Package Index.

You can report bugs and make feature requests in APE's issue tracker at GitHub.

If you are interested in sponsoring a new feature, contact us.