Open Source

We want our tools to become your tools

Why open source is right for us

As a small company we cannot do everything alone. By opening the source code of our tools, we want to create a community of people who want to take build and test automation to the next level. We want our tools to become your tools as well.

We also want to create the lowest possible barrier for users to try our tools. By having no licensing costs, users can try out the tools freely. An open source license also allows us to distribute our tools via package managers that users are already familiar with, such as installing packages from the Python Packaging Index (PyPI) using pip.

Why open source is good for you

Many businesses are already aware of the benefits of open source software, but we think it's worth highlighting a few of them:

Every business is different and requirements are always changing, so it is important to be able to customize your infrastructure. Open source gives you the power to make any modifications you may need.
data ownership
Your data stays fully under your control. Our tools don't "phone home" or transfer your data anywhere unless you explicitly tell them so. And you don't have to take our word for it: the source code is available to verify that claim.
no vendor lock-in
We are strong supporters of open standards, taking effort to follow open specifications and verifying we comply with them. Standardised formats and interfaces make it easier to integrate our tools with your systems. And if that is not enough, being open source allows our tools can be extended to work with any other tool, service or data format you like.
no licensing costs
Last but not least, not having to pay for licenses saves money, not only on the license itself but also on administration.

Business model

Boxing Beetle is not a startup backed by venture capital aiming for an IPO. Instead, it is a way for two passionate people to share their vision and solutions with the world. Our goal is for the business to be able to sustain itself, not to grow exponentially.

One way we do that is by helping you model your project in an Execution Graph and implementing that graph in SoftFab or another tool of your choosing. Another way is by offering support, training and hosting for our tools. There is also the ability to sponsor feature development, which allows you to get you features you need implemented with priority by Boxing Beetle.

You can find a list of services we provide on the Services page. If you have requests that fall within our area of expertise, even if they are not listed there, don't hesitate to talk to us and we can try to help you out.