Dealing with the lockdown


We hope you are all doing well in this coronavirus pandemic. Your personal health and that of your loved ones is the most important.

Make your toolchain COVID-19 immune by using the execution graph and SoftFab.

Improved website


We are very happy to introduce our new website to you.

The SoftFab factory online


Boxing Beetle is promoting using the Execution Graph modelling language to design the toolchain setup and to automate a software factory by using SoftFab. Take a look how this works for SoftFab factory itself.

Boxing Beetle at T-DOSE 2019


Maarten gave 2 presentations at the T-DOSE conference which is a free and yearly event in the Netherlands to promote the use and development of Open Source Software.

First public APE release


APE is one of our open source tools. It checks web applications and sites without writing test scripts, just like a monkey would do.

Hello World!


The very first version of the Boxing Beetle website is now live.