Modern software development consists of a lot of different tasks that are automated by as many different tools. Boxing Beetle specializes in chaining these tools together: making sure every tool is run at the right time, with the right inputs and configuration, and making the results easy to find, understand and share.


We can help you analyse your build and test execution processes by modelling them as an execution graph. After getting a clear picture, we can help improve the way these processes are automated.

Working together with your engineers, it takes only a few weeks from the start of the analysis to a running solution that delivers practical benefits.

Tool services

Our open source tools come in only one version: full-featured and free. However, if you would like assistance in using or adapting these tools, we can provide you with:

  • technical support
  • training, including workshops
  • sponsored feature development
  • hosting

We like helping people with build and test challenges. So if you think our expertise might be useful for your business, please contact us.