Boxing Beetle brings new ideas on toolchains to the market that go beyond standard Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) models.

Supported by our new Execution Graph process modelling language we automate the software build, test, and other supporting processes. To create your new software factory we use our open source tool SoftFab, which really enables CI++, the new concept of a toolchain.

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How we will help you

We will help you in a clear way with our services, consultancy, and tools against predictable costs.


We will help you building your software factory

To get you off to a flying start using our method and tools Boxing Beetle offers you lectures, workshops, and training.

We will assist you even further by designing your Execution Graph together with your experts. Moreover, we will help you with the implementation of your graph in a software factory.

To make life really easy we offer you factory hosting, maintenance, and feature development too.

Open Source

We want our tools to become your tools

Boxing Beetle releases its software under open source licenses. On this page we explain how that fits into our vision and what the benefits are for you and for us.

Of course, as a company we also have to make money. We describe our business model, so you can see how it complements our open source efforts.

Our methods and products

With our unique methods and tools we like to help you setting up your toolchain. Please, have a look.


Pushing Continuous Integration to the limits

What to do if you want your CI/CD pipelines to do more?

  • Sharing your expensive or scarce resources among multiple developments teams.
  • Performing critical manual operations in your nearly fully automated process.
  • Judging the success or failure of a test by a human.
  • Building a pipeline that crosses company borders in a distributed development environment.

Execution Graph

One execution graph defines many pipelines

Common solutions create pipelines to implement CI/CD. When the number of pipelines grows and reuse is not that easy, these processes get hard to maintain.

A new method describes all your processes in elementary process steps. Combined, these steps forms the execution graph, which enables the creation of many, easy to maintain pipelines.


Web app for orchestrating build and test execution

Boxing Beetle is the creator and main contributor of the open source tool SoftFab.

Taking the Execution Graph as input SoftFab executes all the tasks of your CI++ processes in a very efficient way in a so-called software factory.

Sharing our ups and downs