SoftFab benefits

Operates with test tools familiar to the user
SoftFab can use existing tools to execute the builds and run the tests. So no extra investment is needed for re-developing test cases since tools, test cases and test data are used virtually as they are. Test results are also viewed in the native format with which the user is familiar.
User friendly
Users don’t need to be experts in the tool sets. Once SoftFab is set up, anyone can perform the task, not just the expert.
Fast results
With only a few button clicks, it’s possible to perform complex procedures. SoftFab allows parallel building and testing which means more tests can be run more often.
Web interface
The SoftFab Control Center is operated through a web browser, making it accessible from your desk, the test room, a meeting room or on the road (through a VPN), without installing any client software.
Easy multi-site/multi-company development
In a multi-site project, colleagues from all over the world can use the same factory, sharing costs, equipment, licenses, knowledge, test scripts, test data and reports. What’s more, several companies, all having their own policies on security and protection of intellectual property, can work collaboratively and securely in a so-called SkyFab configuration.
Optimum use of resources
SoftFab operates 24 hours a day which means, of course, it can run overnight, solving the problem of too busy days and too quiet nights.
Easy transferability
Through SoftFab, not only the product itself but also the production and test processes can be transferred to a new team or site at the end of development, dramatically shortening the transfer period.
Adaptable to user needs
SoftFab offers unique Mid Detailed Reporting functionality which allows user-specific items to be captured and stored during a test for later use in, for example, trend analysis.
Platform independent
The Task Runners are implemented in Java, ensuring true platform independence. Even in one factory, different platforms and operating systems can be used together.
Many scripting languages
For integrating your favourite tooling into SoftFab many popular scripting languages are supported; like Perl, Python, Ruby, Windows batch files, VBScript, shell scripts and makefiles.
Continuous Integration
Common Agile practices such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are easy to implement in SoftFab.
Ideal for SPI (Software Process Improvement) programs
SoftFab encourages everyone to use the same methodology, increasing the reliability of tests and solving the problem of undesired differences in test and build procedures.